Individual Wellbeing Support

Sheila is a qualified mentor who works with individuals privately offering coaching or her full wellbeing program. She supports you in self-awareness of unhelpful patterns and offers new alternatives. Learn how to manage self, manage others more effectively. Discover invaluable tools and strategies of how to thrive in the face of adversity, to beat stress and become more resilient.


I attended the “Relationship, Relationship, Relationship” course facilitated 1:1 by Sheila O’Malley. It’s based on an approach and a book of the same name by Tony Humphries. I found it hugely helpful to take time out each week to gain a better understanding of myself, and my relationships with others. The course looked at different perspectives – self, family, the community in which I live, the workplace, the wider wider society in which I live, and so on. These are all relationships – and it helped me to understand them better. Where others are coming from; where I am coming from. 

The course is comprehensive, dealing with subjects as diverse (yet interrelated) as management, leadership, boundaries, feelings, behaviours, emotions, gender differences, communication and relationships. So it’s difficult to define! But looking at my life and the context in which it is set from all these angles has been a hugely enjoyable, fulfilling and helpful experience for me. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone!

-Patrick Ward, Microsoft 2017

“Sheila’s course is life changing. I have boundaries now that have utterly changed how I manage myself and deal with others more effectively. What I learned about myself and others in just 8 short weekly sessions is incredible. I have a new sense of calm & inner strength that I never had before and as a result all my relationships have changed, work, friends, family… I believe in myself now and I am stronger now than ever before”

-Anne 2015

“This course has made a huge difference to me. I am a better person and have a better life because of this course and my changing attitudes. The course for me has been better than counselling! It brought so many positive aspects into my life and the way I look and deal with things.”


I cannot overestimate the transformation this course has had on me or my family. I have binned the guilt and look after myself which has an immediate knock on effect on everyone else. I have learned a better way to deal with conflict. I am more self-aware and am quicker to recognise if I am out of control and can reign myself in. I learned so much; I could attend every week and still learn something”


“This course has been invaluable in finding a boundary with my conflictual ex-partner. I have learnt to communicate in a way that reduces conflict and not to personalise anything that is said or done. It helps me stay calm and has improved my confidence which had taken a hit after the separation”


“Really enjoyed the course and it’s helped me in so many areas”


“Took tips away, put them in place and saw immediate positive results”


“Excellent course – helped me be calm. Improved my relationships with my partner, children and at work”


“Our house is definitely a lot better since I did your course; I feel hugely grateful”


“I can now say I am not such a bad person. I’m actually a nice person. I like myself a lot more”


“This has been the most important hour of my week”


“I have learnt that giving myself time; benefits all those around me”


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Sheila O’Malley offers a full range of Professional Training to Corporate Clients. Please see some Feedback from Clients.  She also provides some useful and informative Articles on a variety of  related topics as well as a . Please don’t hesitate to contact Sheila with any queries.