Change your Thinking – Change your Mindset




Change your thinking, change your Life

Do you know that it is not what happens that matters (as we have no control over what happens, it is our mindset and how we choose to respond to the event.

The importance of choosing your Attitude

It is about Attitude – a ‘Can do’ Attitude, and less about natural ability. Failures are an opportunity to grow, to learn from our mistakes and are part of being human. A mistake is not a reason to beat yourself up, to be hard on yourself, sacrifiying sleep and personal relationships.

Focus on Effort not Performance

Fail fast and learn from it. Instead see effort as what is important, small daily incremental changes are key to phenonemal success. Simply put, hard work, application and charachter trumps talent as talent without application, without work or without failure is not much use. Fear of failure make us ‘play it safe’ you make decisions that keep you small and stop you from growing.

Tools for Mental Toughness

See the difficulty as a challenge to be overcome, not an opportunity to feel defeated. The combination of your own resources as well as asking for and accepting the support and external resources all are essential. Problems happen when we withdraw, as we become isolated, and begin to lose perspective and we catastrophise the situation. With a friend, the problem seems less daunting as we brainstorm solutions, it gives us a chance to step back, to reframe, and options open up.

When faced with a challenge try to:

  • Squash negative self talk
  • Remind self of past achievements
  • Affirm self: ‘I can do you  and I am good enough’
  • Breathe to self calm and to self regulate
  • Focus on being positive – and see the good, even in the bad
  • Remind self:“If you think you can do it; you probably can. If you think you can’t; you probably cant!’
  • Move from blaming others or blaming self to: Take Action!