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Sheila O Malley is a dynamic, engaging Professional Trainer in the area of Workplace Wellbeing. She gives Courses/Seminars on Managing Stress, Building Resilience and personal Wellbeing to Ireland’s top companies as well as Parenting, www.practicalparenting.ie

“As part of our Live Better programme at work we invited Sheila to give 8 


Workplace Wellbeing Talks


Do you need to build resilience, improve morale, manage change / reduce stress in employees? “Excellent feedback from all attendees” HR

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Employee Wellbeing Workshops


“The response was phenemonal! Unlike any business course our guys had ever taken. We always have a full house ” Colgate Ireland

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Individual Wellbeing Support (1:1)


“From communication styles to setting boundaries to managing workload to personal relationships, Sheila’s 1 to 1 support is invaluable.

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Workplace Stress

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Are you suffering from stress at work?  Signs of Stress Physically you may have muscle tension, rapid heartbeat, shallow breathing or insomnia. You probably feel fatigue, get headaches, back trouble or chest pains or perhaps high blood pressure. Emotionally, you […]

Self Esteem & Self Worth

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Improving Self Worth/Self Esteem Confident people treat themselves well Many clients come to me and over time speak about feeling ‘stronger’ in themselves. When I ask how (for them) that is coming about, inevitably the […]

Are you Passive? You may need to Assert

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How to move from Passive to Asserting yourself Understanding Passivity You were not born passive, it was a behaviour you adopted that kept you safe. I meet many clients who are passive and I ask them, ‘Does that go back a long way?’ Invariably, it goes back to childhood and [...]