Sheila O Malley: Professional Trainer/Public Speaker on Stress/Resilience

sheila_about_circleSheila O’Malley is one of Ireland’s leading Professional Trainers/Public Speakers in the area of Wellbeing whether Personal, Workplace or Family.  Sheila has worked for many years with Ireland’s leading Healthcare providers and their clients delivering Workplace Wellbeing talks.  In addition, Sheila works directly with Ireland’s top companies (Apple, Google, JP Morgan, Microsoft, PWC, Arthur Cox, Pfizer etc) where she speaks on all aspects of Wellbeing

Sheila’s background and experience

Sheila holds a Degree in Relationship Studies in addition to her Parent Mentoring qualification. Her specialty is her unique delivery which is active and engaging whether its a Keynote event, Management Meeting or Offsite Day. She has been a Correspondent for Independent Newspapers and ran a TV slot on as well as regular Radio work.

Work_lady_large_trans1Specialties Include:

  • Conference Keynote Speaker
  • Management Meeting: Speaker/Trainer 
  • Offsite Days: Speaker/Trainer
  • Lunch and Learn Wellbeing Speaker
  • Half Day Resilience Workshops
  • Full Day Resilience & Mental Fitness workshops
  • Weekly Wellbeing Courses

What is special about Sheila?

Sheila combines a professional approach with a facilitative style that is warm and engaging. With her personable approach, she delivers material in a relaxed and enjoyable manner that is well received.

For further information

Sheila O’Malley offers a full range of Professional Training to Corporate Clients. Please see some Feedback from Clients.  She also provides some useful and informative Articles on a variety of  related topics as well as a . Please don’t hesitate to contact Sheila with any queries.