Sheila O Malley:Professional Trainer/Public Speaker on Stress/Resilience

sheila_about_circleSheila O’Malley is one of Ireland’s leading Professional Trainers/Public Speakers in the area of Well being at Work. Sheila is a former Employee Assistance Provider for VHI where she delivered Seminars on Stress Management, Wellness, Building Resilience, Time Management, Difficult Conversations & Parenting Skills and in many of Ireland’s top companies.

Sheila’s background and experience

Sheila holds a degree in Relationship Studies in addition to her Parent Mentoring qualification. Her specialty is her unique delivery which is active and engaging whether its a 8 week Lunch & Learn series or a Talk. She has been a Correspondent for Independent Newspapers and ran a TV slot on TV3 as well as on Radio.

Work_lady_large_trans1Specialties Include:

  • Corporate Wellness Programmes for Workplace Health and Well-being
  • Employee Wellness & Well being
  • Public Speaking
  • Professional Training
  • Stress Management
  • Work Life Balance
  • Well being Coach
  • Conference Keynote Speaker
  • Seminars / Workshops on Managing Stress and Building Resilience.

What is special about Sheila?

Sheila combines a professional approach with a facilitative style that is warm and engaging. With her personable approach, she delivers material in a relaxed and enjoyable manner that is well received.

For further information

Sheila O’Malley offers a full range of Professional Training to Corporate Clients. Please see some Feedback from Clients.  She also provides some useful and informative Articles on a variety of  related topics as well as a . Please don’t hesitate to contact Sheila with any queries.