Workplace Stress

Are you suffering from stress at work?  Signs of Stress Physically you may have muscle tension, rapid heartbeat, shallow breathing or insomnia. You probably feel fatigue, get headaches, back trouble or chest pains or perhaps high blood pressure. Emotionally, you […]

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Self Esteem & Self Worth

Improving Self Worth/Self Esteem Confident people treat themselves well Many clients come to me and over time speak about feeling ‘stronger’ in themselves. When I ask how (for them) that is coming about, inevitably the […]

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Are you Passive? You may need to Assert

How to move from Passive to Asserting yourself Understanding Passivity You were not born passive, it was a behaviour you adopted that kept you safe. I meet many clients who are passive and I ask them, ‘Does that go back a long way?’ Invariably, it goes back to childhood and [...]

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How to be happy

Some tips from Dr M Gaffney  Smile more Begin today and focus on smiling more, maybe leave post it’s at the desk to remind you. Dr Maureen Gaffney says we need to take happiness seriously. If you smile more, you will be happier and […]

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Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Are you hurt by what others say?  Do you have relationship issues at work or at home? Do you take offence to what another person says or does? Maybe they have been defensive with you, and you respond back defensively. This is guaranteed to result in conflict and the situation [...]

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Listen, but don’t personalise what you hear

What others say is about themselves What another person says is about them, it is about where they are ‘at’ in themselves, how they feel and what is going on for them. It is not about you. Do you take things personally? If you hear what another person says as being [...]

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