Are you suffering from stress at work? 

Signs of Stress

Physically you may have muscle tension, rapid heartbeat, shallow breathing or insomnia. You probably feel fatigue, get headaches, back trouble or chest pains or perhaps high blood pressure. Emotionally, you may be tearful, tense, irritable and have difficult relaxing. Feeling mentally drained is also very common as well as under pressure.


Secretary bad daySleep can often be affected, with the person either finding it difficult to get to sleep or waking up with their mind racing. Thinking can be ‘What if..’ where you catastrophise everything and lose perspective on each and every situation.

Characteristics of someone prone to Stress

Often the person would be described as perfectionist, consciousness, someone who find’s it hard to say No, someone who is there for everyone, but not there for them self. Often, described as a ‘worrier’.

Self Awareness & Meditation are key to managing stress

As long as I am unaware that I am stressed, I can do nothing about it. When I identify with the symptoms, the awareness is created, that Stress is there to alert me that I am not taking care of myself and am not balanced between work and home. Take ten minutes a day to sit quietly and to focus on the breath, helps you become more self aware and where you are holding stress in the body, relax!

Emotional Intelligence and Stress

Managing your emotions and your feelings is key to managing stress. Become aware of negative thinking patterns and resolve to change them. Taking a step back enables me to  respond better, without getting defensive or personalizing what others say. I often tell clients ‘What they say is about them’ and to remind yourself of that in the moment. This means you do not hear it as being about you and you do not personalise.

Successful people eliminate ‘What if’s ‘

Most stressed people are focused on what happened in the past (that they cannot do anything about) or focused on worrying about the future. Most of what we worry about, never happens anyway – so what a waste of time worry is! Ask yourself : ‘Is this a fact or just a thought?’

Stressed people usually need to do a lot more for themselves

When they learn to Step Back,they are surprised to find it creates the opportunity for others to step up.

Stressed people usually need Time and Space for themselves: ‘I am taking 10 minutes for myself & I don’t wish to be disturbed’

Stressed people need to take exercise to de stress and to aid sleep, to eat a healthy diet and to build in relaxation time.

Stressed people usually need to learn to say NO nicely..

What you are doing for others, is what you need to do more of for yourself

Often, I hear that the person is caring for everyone, but the cost is self neglect so the challenge is to balance care of others with care of self.

Perhaps you are pleasing everyone, but not pleasing yourself, so maybe balance is required

Stress management Toolbox

  • Ability to say No to new demands
  • Good diet/exercise
  • Adequate, restful sleep
  • Supportive relationships with family/friends (friend therapy-the power of listening)
  • Ability to leave work at work
  • Hobby’s you enjoy
  • Daily relaxation is insurance against stress
  • Take time out and meet your own needs