Here are some tips for Personal Wellbeing at work or at home 

Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness







Many companies are offering Workplace Wellness programmes  as a lunch and learn. Here are some tips from a recent talk I gave, to which I received excellent feedback. Give me a call if you are interested in running a talk or a course in your company.


Key Points on Workplace Wellness


  • A little stress is good for you


  • Too much stress means you need to move back towards wellbeing


  • E+R=O means: Event, Response and Outcome: We may not be able to change the Event (The recent recession for example); but we can change how we Respond to it. When we change our Response we can improve our Outcomes. If you keep doing what you have always done; you will keep getting what you have always got; therefore; if you want a different result; change how you respond.


  • We all know the key to Wellbeing is Diet, Sleep, Exercise and Relaxation. If we are not doing this, there is a deeper issue a round self-worth. ‘How is it I am not looking after myself? How is it I was not balanced?’


  • ‘I need to do a lot more for myself’ as resilient people know it is not selfish to take care of self. ‘I may need to balance caring for others with caring for self; through saying No, knowing my limits, taking time and space for myself, with my partner, or with family or friends. I may need to accept the help that is often offered, or ask for help, or seek support. Perhaps I need have the courage to be imperfect and let go of the need to always please others.


  • Prioritise sleep


  • Laugh & Count my Blessings


  • Talk it out or perhaps walk it out to regain perspective and not catastrophize.


  • Get some headspace with a meditation, or visualisation or deep breathing


  • 4 D’s: There are things I need to do, some I need delay, delegate or dump!


  • Unplug and recharge


  • I may need to find my voice and speak up and assert myself


  • I need to put my name on the ‘To Do’ list


  • Don’t be so hard on yourself; ease up on yourself.


  • Breathe to self-calm, take a step back and let it go..

For Family Wellbeing; take a look at my videos or Book a Parenting Talk or Course