Sheila’s clients include these companies:

Apple, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook, Salesforce, Colgate, PWC, Arthur Cox, Shell, Pfizer, Abbott, KBC, Eli Lilly and many of Ireland leading Pharma companies, Irish Life, The Oireachtas & Many Governement Departments and County Councils, Citi, AIB, Deloitte, 3M, Symantec, National Roads Authority,  State Street, Nutricia to name a few.

Employee Talks, Wellbeing Workshops, Building Resilience Courses

Sheila O’Malley is renowned as a specialist in the area of Stress Reduction, Building Resilience and Personal Leadership & Effectiveness. She offers Workplace Talks, Workshops and Courses to every kind of business in the corporate market throughout Ireland.

Feedback from companies who have engaged Sheila attest to higher levels of engagement and motivation from their staff. Employees get the support they need, many experience new awareness resulting in them undertaking choices/actions that impact positively on performance. Even when the course is over, people share a bond that supports them in the everyday work challenges they face.

Feedback from Microsoft:

“The feedback forms are incredibly positive. I’d like to thank you for delivering incredibly valuable courses to our employees. The feedback is always incredibly positive, and I am delighted we have this excellent relationship with yourself!”


Feedback from Heineken:

“Feedback from the resilience session was really really good. Everyone took a lot from it and could relate it to their own situation.”

Logo-Colgate“Sheila gave 8 lunch time workshops on Wellness. They have gained hugely from these sessions. From communication styles, to setting boundaries to managing workload to personal relationships Sheila has taken the group to a new level of understanding about themselves and their interactions with others and the world around them. We always have a full house. Sheila is able to get employees to discuss these subjects even in a work environment through her extremely open and frank manner. personal integrity and deep knowledge of her subject. I would highly recommend Sheila’s workshops for any work group, wanting to get the most out of personal and professional life.”

Feedback from Diageo:

diageo-logo“Very engaging and positive Well being session. Sheila’s presentation style is one to be admired.

Thoroughly enjoyed listening to her and have taken away little nuggets of information and suggestions from the talk which have inspired me and hopefully will assist in changing my attitude both at work and home life.

Her presentation style was relaxed and easy to listen to and follow.

I learned so much, I could have sat listening to her all day. Training and Communications Manager at Diageo.”

 Feedback from KBC Bank:

kbc“I attended two courses with Sheila, who was recruited by my company. A parenting course and self development course.  How can I demonstrate in words how fantastic, open, and beneficial these courses were: well to this day I still meet the other course attendees in the corridor, and there is a shared, almost grief-like sense, for the fact that these courses are over. We all learned so much, shared so much and supported each other so much. Sheila has a gift in enabling groups ‘open up’. It’s a flair – achieved I suspect through her own openness and honesty. And oozing from her is this incredible sense of ‘wanting to help’. She is a font of common sense and admits her own human frailty and past mistakes in order to demonstrate a new way forward. I have often found myself coming back to many of the things she said during these courses and using many of the practical ideas she had. She was not only a teacher but was also someone who touched us all in the class, by her tenderness and understanding. So in the class, we learned twice, we first learned from the content in her slides, AND then from that demonstrated by her manner and her experiences. I would highly recommend Sheila.”

Feedback from Pepsico:

pepsico_logo“Great event and excellent speaker who got everyone in the room to participate and made it easier for people to open up, Sheila prompted good discussion and interaction with the group”

Feedback from Liberty Insurance:

Liberty-Mutual-Insurance-Logo“Feedback from the session was really positive, many commented that they wished it had gone on for longer as they loved your format and practical tips!”

Feedback from Deloitte:

deloitte_logo“Feedback was excellent – that you are a fantastic speaker, informative but also very practical.”

Feedback from Hogarth Worldwide London Office:

Hogarth_Logo“As part of our Hogarth Parent and Carer Programme, we were looking to hold workplace talks that covered a variety of related topics. Having had a bit of a challenge to find exactly what I was looking for in the UK, I was thrilled to come in contact with Sheila and learn about Practical Parenting. She came over to our London office for a day and facilitated three talks, relating to wellbeing, self-esteem and parenting. All talks were very well received by our team, myself included. “One of the most informative hours I’ve spent in months” and “it made my day and more importantly, an impact on my life” were some of the wonderful feedback.
Sheila delivers her message in a simple and personal way, getting a lot of information into a 1hour session, without feeling overloaded.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sheila for professional talks and look forward to working with her again in the future”

Feedback from Nutricia:

nutricia-amn-logo“Sheila O’Malley spoke at our Low Protein Living Weekend in April 2011 and in August 2011. Sheila is a very inspiring speaker and she able to relate to the audience and engage with them. The feedback was excellent and we plan to use Sheila again in the future.”

Feedback from Irish Pharmacy Conference:

Irish_Pharmacy_Union“Sheila spoke at our Irish Pharmacy Annual Conference on Building Resilience and Stress Management. She is very passionate about wellbeing and this shines through in her presentation.  She gave us an insight into how we can become more resilient in both our professional and personal lives with great tips on managing our workload.”

Feedback from University College Cork:

logo_ucc“Very helpful and informative with lots of tips to take forward. Well recommended.”
“I found the presentation very helpful. The presenter was very skillful and made the experience informative and enjoyable. She shared her experiences with us. I came away with lots of tips which I hope to put into practice.”

Feedback from Galway and Mayo Institute of Technology:

gmitlogo“Feedback from staff has been very positive. Staff particularly enjoyed the interactive aspect to the talks and the relaxed, engaging style of the presentations.”

– Galway and Mayo Institute of Technology

Feedback from St Vincent’s Private Hospital:

St-Vincent-s-Private-Hospital-5364“This course proved to be most popular in supporting our line managers and helping them support their teams. Sheila provided tools and strategies for workplace challenges as well as showing the link between self-care and work place resilience which was hugely beneficial.”

Feedback from AvantCarde Ireland:

logoAvantcard“As part of our recent Health and Wellbeing week, Sheila delivered seminars on the topic of “Resilience and Stress Management” to our employees. This was very well received with many excellent practical take home tips given. I found Sheila to be an excellent presenter whose material was both engaging and easy to relate to.”

Feedback from The Convention Centre Dublin:

CCD“Sheila came in and spoke to some of my clients about resilience and stress management. Both my clients and myself really enjoyed the evening and walked away with some very valuable advice. Sheila is a wonderful speaker and would not hesitate in recommending her to others.”

Feedback from Willis Risk Services Ireland Limited:

Willis_logo“We thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. Sheila’s delivery was so engaging that we lost all track of time. She is a very effective speaker and mentor. We found the course content intuitive & perceptive, she has a great technique in getting a crowd to engage with her & to relate to the topics.”

Feedback from Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources

DCENR harp“Extremely informative and engaging talk for working parents. The practical tips were excellent and ones that can be readily applied. I would be very happy to recommend Sheila in the future.”

For further information

Sheila O’Malley offers a full range of Professional Training to Corporate Clients. Please see some Feedback from Clients.  She also provides some useful and informative Articles on a variety of  related topics as well as a . Please don’t hesitate to contact Sheila with any queries.