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Sheila O’Malley is one of Ireland’s leading Professional Trainers/Public Speakers in the area of Well being at Work. Sheila is a former Employee Assistance Provider for VHI where she delivered Seminars on Stress Management, Wellness, Building Resilience, Time Management, Difficult Conversations & Parenting Skills and in many of Ireland’s top companies. Sheila O'Malley offers a full range of Professional Training to Corporate Clients. Please see some Feedback from Clients.  She also provides some useful and informative Articles on a variety of  related topics as well as a . Please don't hesitate to contact Sheila with any queries.

How to be happy

Some tips from Dr M Gaffney  Smile more Begin today and focus on smiling more, maybe leave post it’s at the desk to remind you. Dr Maureen Gaffney says we need to take happiness seriously. If you smile more, you will be happier and […]

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Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Are you hurt by what others say?  Do you have relationship issues at work or at home? Do you take offence to what another person says or does? Maybe they have been defensive with you, and you respond back defensively. This is guaranteed to result in conflict and the situation getting worse. An example of [...]

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Reducing Stress Through Work Life Balance

Are you feeling overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time? How to Manage Stress As I speak with Companies, I find there are some simple changes we can make that make a difference, so I have compiled some bullet points of  ways you can reduce stress and achieve work life balance. Work [...]

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Healthy Eating Tips

Try some simple changes to enjoy more wellbeing  Health and Wellness How would you like to feel good & have more energy? Limit foods from top shelf of food pyramid (Choc/biscuits/crisps/cake/fizzy drinks) high in fat, sugar, salt Prepare & cook using fresh ingredients (ready meals/takeaways are high in fat & sugar) Eat 5 or more [...]

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Work Life Balance

If you really take care of yourself, you can take care of everything else. What is wellbeing? Wellbeing is when there is balance between work and home life, and stress is like an alarm prompting you to move back to wellbeing. […]

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