Perfectionism – what is it & ways to reduce it

Are you a perfectionist? How do you feel about failure? If failure is a problem, you may be a perfectionist. However you were not born a perfectionist. Perfectionism Perfectionism was a defense you adopted to keep you safe from someone else's defenses whose focus was not on you, but on [...]

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Do you struggle with Self Care?

The time to relax is when you don't have any time for it How is it you struggle to take care of yourself? "I find that so difficult" you may say. Yet, even though you find it difficult, the importance of you being there for yourself is the greatest gift [...]

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Health and Wellness

Practical tips health and wellness Healthy Eating – to feel good & have more energy Limit foods from top shelf of food pyramid (Choc/biscuits/crisps/cake/fizzy drinks) high in fat, sugar, salt Prepare & cook using fresh ingredients (ready meals/takeaways are high in fat & sugar) Eat 5 or more of different [...]

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Time Management Tips

Do you need a couple tips for better time management? Time Management means we stay in wellbeing Time management means we have a balance between our work and our home life. It is essential in keeping us well and able to manage all that we have to manage at work [...]

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Keeping Healthy Boundaries

Do you need strengthen your  boundaries? Healthy Boundaries reduce Conflict Be Proactive, not Reactive What causes Conflict? Having healthy boundaries ensures you respond to another's defensive behaviour by taking an action for self, instead of taking an action against them. You will feel empowered and good about yourself We need [...]

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Positive Thinking builds Resilience

When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change! It is not what happens, it is more about how you respond that really matters Positive Thinking makes you Resilient At the time of stress, we can use positive emotions to cope better. Notice positive [...]

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Family Wellbeing

Happy Parent, Happy Child What's a parents first responsibility? A parents number one responsibility is to take care of themselves. Self Care is No 1 as then you can take care of everything else. Just like in a plane, where you are instructed to put your own oxygen mask on [...]

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