Do you need a couple tips for better time management?

Time Management means we stay in wellbeing

Time management means we have a balance between our work and our home life. It is essential in keeping us well and able to manage all that we have to manage at work and at home.

Top Tips: The challenge is not to manage our time, but to manage ourselves

  • sleep-stressTo Do List
  • Prioritize
  • Manage Distractions
  • Take Breaks to recharge
  • Do hardest task first
  • Reward difficult tasks achieved
  • Get longer lead time from clients
  • Chunking: Break task into manageable chunks
  • Ensure your expectations are realistic

“I may not be able to complete this project on time along with all the other work I have to do. However, I can get clear priorities from my boss, and then manage the time I spend on each project. It may be that the quality of each deliverable is not what I’d like it to be, but I have to be realistic about what is achievable here’

Benefits to better Personal Time Management

  • More in control at work/home
  • Feel better, less tense/anxious
  • Balanced work/home life
  • Work not impacting negatively on spouse/children
  • Stronger Boundaries mean you are more respected as you respect self more
  • De clutter – More organised/efficient & a nicer environment to work in