The time to relax is when you don’t have any time for it

How is it you struggle to take care of yourself?

“I find that so difficult” you may say. Yet, even though you find it difficult, the importance of you being there for yourself is the greatest gift you can give not only yourself, but also everyone else. Taking time for self, will improve your ability to manage your stress and to experience more resilience.

Do you feel you cannot be done without?

happy-womanMany of us feel that and it ‘gets in the way’ of us taking time for ourselves. Remember, when you step back, you create the gap for others to step up. Many women tell me, particularly working mothers that they feel guilty taking any time for themselves, when they are already gone all day from their children.

Bin the Guilt!

We look at guilt differently and see that in fact Guilt is about letting yourself down, not about letting others down. So bin the guilt, hand the baby over to your partner and get out for a while to recharge your battery and you will be a better mother for doing it, as you’ll return with patience, and time for them, and you have given time to yourself.
You cannot give what you have not got, so putting  petrol in the car tank means the car can work properly!

 Healthy boundaries creates healthy relationships

Create better boundaries around yourself, time for self, time for partner,  time for family and see the difference it makes!

Sheila gives 10 week Lunch & Learn workshops in Companies around Resilience, Personal Development and Wellness. Feedback is 100% positive with participants evaluations saying:

‘This course has changed my life’
KBC Bank, Colgate and many other companies
The Wellbeing/Professional Development Course can also be done on a 1:1 basis.