Self-Awareness is key to Leadership of Self and Others

The more we are self aware, the more productive we can be at work and at home.

Make New Choices and Take New Actions

The more we understand ourselves the more we can respond in the way we need. Also, we understand others better, it’s like we can get under our behaviours and also the behaviour of others.

What is your leadership style?

How do you interact with yourself and others?

Are you:                                  Challenge is to become more:

Hard                                                         Soft on Self

Rigid                                                         Flexible

Passive                                                   Assert Self

Over pleasing                                      Take time to please self

Conform to others wishes              Be an individual

Care for others                                    Balance with care for self

Responsible for others                    I am only responsible for myself

Perfectionistic                                    You are perfect in yourself

‘I’ve too much to do’                       ‘I need to do more for myself’

‘I’ve no time’                                       ‘I value my time’

I’m so stressed’                                 ‘I need downtime’

The psychology of your performance

Perhaps, up to now, you have been unconsciously interacting in a particular way with yourself,having no time, stressed, too much to from taking on too much, taking responsibility for too many people, having to do everything perfect, having unrealistic expectations of myself, trying to please others and the list goes on. Stop. Now, become conscious of doing that and self-awareness creates the possibility for positive change.

What need to emerge?

  • Your need for care
  • Your need for kindness towards self
  • Your need to speak up when someone’s aggresses you  (or to leave)
  • Your need to approve of yourself in a way you are seeking from others
  • Your need to only be responsible for self
  • Your need to see your own perfection
  • Your need to do more for yourself
  • Your need to value yourself
  • Your need to value your time & not let others squander it
  • Your need for downtime/fun/friends

Boundaries are required

Strengthen the boundaries you have round yourself to ensure you from you on; don’t take on what is not yours. Keep your Time and your energy from being sabotaged by others. Delegate, say no and take time before committing to more projects.