Improving Personal Well Being

There are many things you can do to improve how you feel about yourself! Our self worth or lack of  comes from early life and how we were responded to. The cure is in the development of a good relationship with yourself, where you support, encourage and affirm self to build self esteem. Therefore, ease [...]

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Managing Stress

People are experiencing more stress than ever before – what are the things we can do that will make a difference? What causes stress? Stress symptoms constitute one of the most obvious ways that the individual expresses threats to well being. The person creates the stress symptom in order to draw attention to what it [...]

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Stressed Parents

Wellbeing is when our life is in balance and we feel in charge and 'well' in ourselves. Stress & an absence of wellbeing Increasingly,Parents remark to me that they feel under considerable stress and come into their parenting cranky, irritable and impatient with their children. They make the link between their behavior & their child’s subsequent challenging behavior. [...]

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Wellness begins with Self- Care

If you really take care of yourself, you can take care of everything else. What is wellbeing? Women in particular busy themselves in over caring for others and spotting other people’s needs, but lousy at spotting their own needs. Do you take responsibility for everything and everybody and put yourself last? Then this article is [...]

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