Are you passive? When we are passive, we bury how we feel

boss_transReduce Stress at Home and at Work

If you are passive and you feel it is not safe to express how you feel ,you need a way of ‘keeping the lid on it’ so you may  use a cigarette, a drink or food. Feelings need to be expressed or they get stuck. Do you bottle your feelings and then Blow over nothing?

Stress Management Techniques

Practice getting in touch with how you feel and ask yourself ‘How do I feel?’ ‘What do I need to do to support myself right now?’ When we start to ‘Take an Action for Self, we stop taking an action against another when we are having a meltdown, so you step out of the room, step back from conflict, hit your PAUSE button and take three deep abdominal breaths which help you to be calm again. Remember, you set the tone, and therefore, the calmer you are, the calmer things will be as only one person need to change to effect change in others.

Manage Stress through regulating your emotions better

Learn to express how you feel, find your voice to assert self : ‘ I feel unsupported & I need.. it’s works better that way for you and also for others!