Manage Stress or it will manage you!

Positive ThinkingTackling Stress

There can be many sources of stress whether at work or at home. Learning to cope better with stress is vital or physical symptoms can escalate.

Many of us know what we need to do to keep stress away – the question is ‘Why am I not doing it? Why am I not taking care of myself? Why am I not more balanced in my life?’

Self Care is key to managing stress

Look after yourself and care for yourself more. Giving time to yourself  will actually make you feel better about yourself and increase your feelings of self worth. This means you need to eat properly, exercise and schedule time out with friends preferably who make you feel good and with whom you have a laugh.

Defenses against Stress

Get Active – it really does not matter what you do, from housework to gardening or going out for a run, the more you get your heart rate going, the more endorphin’s you will have and the more you will be in a state of wellbeing. Endorphin’s are well good hormones and walking on our own or with a friend for thirty minutes a day five days a week is recommended. Being outside is better than inside with the light and fresh air adding to you feeling good, so maybe ditch the gym for the summer.

Connectivity and Engagement – are vital. We are social animals and schedule time out for yourself to see friends, maybe get involved at the school or in the community or set up a book club in the neighborhood. The more you engage and interact with others, the happier you are and the less you will experience stress.

Sleep – the recommendation is 7/8 hours a night and settle before 10pm. The key is to have a consistent bedtime routine, perhaps a warm bath if you struggle to fall asleep, no screens or clocks or beeping phones nearby. Instead soothing music to help you relax as relaxation is key to surrendering to sleep. If your mind is active – take time to get it all onto paper so you can focus on relaxing with one of the many free guided meditations on the internet.

Journal – is good for everything. Good for helping you note what you are grateful for (Count your blessings) and this is proven time and time again to make you happier. Journal ling is also helpful in unburdening the mind and getting it out on paper. The act of writing can help you reflect on unhelpful thinking patterns that you may wish to change. Change your thinking – change your life!

Yoga – helps you get in touch with your body and creates peacefulness within body and mind. Meditation is often included and this can help still the mind and result in you feeling more grounded and solid in yourself.

Boundaries – have boundaries around yourself and your availability. If you value yourself, you will value you time. Therefore, have boundaries around a time to leave work by as otherwise; work expands to fit the time available. If a co worker comments on you leaving on time, do not personalise this. Return to Sender their comment as clearly you are doing something that perhaps they need to do more of! It is not about you, but about them. Stay separate and take a breathe, smile and say ‘See you in the morning!’